Go Up Number!

This is the user manual for Go up Number! — a command line Bitcoin wallet for plebs, degenerates and revolutionaries.

The main design goal of gun is for it to be fun! It might also be secure and stuff but we'll have to see. gun is alpha quality in all respects. Thanks in advance for making the sacrifice of your time (and perhaps coins!) while testing this software.

The defining feature of gun is the bet command which lets you do peer-to-peer betting by copy-pasting gibberish. This is the only reason to use this wallet at the moment so you should only put what you need to play with (and are willing to lose).


gun is written in rust and uses the Bitcoin Dev Kit (bdk) to implement the underlying wallet functionality1. It needs a trusted esplora backend server to provide blockchain data and by default it uses mempool.space. gun's strict dependence on esplora is its greatest weakness.


gun is open source. It relies on the community to report and (if they can) fix bugs. Bugs aren't fun so please report them on the repository. You can improve this book too.


Right now it uses a branch of bdk at llfourn/bdk.