gun bet cancel

Cancel a bet by broadcasting a double spending transaction.


gun bet cancel [options] [bet-ids]...


To fully cancel a bet you double spend one of your declared inputs to the bet. Either the offerer or the proposer can cancel a bet before it has been confirmed.

On the proposer's side canceling is just good etiquette. By canceling the proposal everyone who has made an offer doesn't have to make a transaction canceling their offer. If a proposer is sure that no one will make an offer to a proposal they can instead forget about it.

An offerer must cancel any offer they've made that hasn't been taken (or canceled) prior to the outcome time.

To cancel a bet it must be in the proposed, offered or canceling state. You can cancel many bets at the same time. If one of the bets being canceled is in the canceling state you must make sure that the feerate set by --fee is higher than the previous canceling transaction's fee.

💡 See GuN Safety



Print the tx as hex instead of broadcasting it. This will assume you're going to broadcast the tx yourself.

-y, --yes

Skip all [y/n] prompts by just answering yes to all of them.

--fee <fee>

Set the fee for the transaction.

You can choose from:

  • --fee=rate:4.5 set the fee to 4.5 sats-per-vbyte.
  • --fee=abs:500 set the fee to exactly 500 sats.
  • --fee=in-blocks:10 set the fee so it should get into the chain some time in the next 10 blocks.

The default is in-blocks:1 i.e. set the fee so it gets into the next block.