gun bet list

List bets.


List your bets

gun bet list

Check and update your bets online and on-chain to see if if anything has changed first:

gun -s bet list


The list of bets has the following fields:

  • state: The state the bet is, which can be:
    • proposed: You've proposed this bet.
    • offered: You've made an offer on this bet.
    • unconfirmed: The bet transaction has be broadcast but hasn't been confirmed.
    • confirmed: The bet transaction has been confirmed.
    • won: You've won the bet (but haven't claimed the winnings).
    • lost: You lost! You get nothing.
    • claiming: You've started claiming a won bet.
    • claimed: You've claimed the winnings successfully.
    • canceling: You've broadcast a transaction canceling the bet.
    • canceled: This bet was canceled before confirming either (it could have been canceled by you or your counterparty)
  • outcome-time: When the oracle expects the outcome to be known
  • in: the duration between now and outcome-time in short human readable form.
  • risk: How much BTC you stand to lose in this bet.
  • reward: How much BTC you stand to gain.
  • tags: human readable strings you can attach to a bet with gun bet tag
  • oracle: The oracle for the bet.
  • i-bet: which outcome you bet on.
  • short-id: the end of the event-id of the bet.