gun bet offer

Make an offer in response to a proposal.


gun bet offer [options] <proposal>

Without providing any options you'll be prompted for remaining details:

gun bet offer۸პÂ௬ɦఅɗସઇȿჱ၄ƦফЩञǴऱλ૩ԉกƻ༓LJЧ༃ཆɁঢӛႱ၃ಢͱธྈͰଢƿɧƶവϳॻŹဪ໖ǘØ

Go all in on tails and secretly communicate your confidence to the proposer

gun bet offer -m "bro I am so confident it tails atm" -c "tails" -v all۸პÂ௬ɦఅɗସઇȿჱ၄ƦফЩञǴऱλ૩ԉกƻ༓LJЧ༃ཆɁঢӛႱ၃ಢͱธྈͰଢƿɧƶവϳॻŹဪ໖ǘØ


gun bet offer generates an encrypted offer in response to a proposal. You choose the outcome you want to bet on with --choice and the --value you are willing to risk to obtain the proposal's coins. The offerer also pays and chooses the fee of the bet transaction with the --fee option.


After the proposer sees your offer they may take it at their own discretion. This includes taking the offer after the outcome of the bet is already known i.e. cheating. You must protect yourself against this by canceling the offer before a malicious proposer can take advantage of this.

💡 See GuN Safety


Your offer should be indistinguishable from random gibberish to anyone but the proposer. This doesn't mean you have to post your offer publicly. In practice it's better to send the proposer a direct message with your offer unless you are trying to advertise the fact that you are using gun for your own satisfaction.

Choosing a fee

In general you should use a low fee for your offer unless you are betting very close to the event. Proposers will generally not discriminate based on the fee and would rather you put as much value in the bet as possible.


-v, --value <value>

The value you want to risk on the bet. If you don't provide it you'll be prompted for it. Can be:

  • all to go "all in" with the coins in your wallet
  • match to match whatever the proposer is risking.
  • An amount and denomination like 0.01BTC or 10000sat

-c, --choice <choice>

The outcome you want to bet on occurring. If you don't provide it you'll be prompted for it.

-m, --message <message>

Attach a message in addition to the offer. If you are making the offer in a place with limited characters (like Twitter) the command will warn you if the message is too long.

-p, --pad <pad>

Pad the ciphertext to a certain length of bytes so observes can't use the ciphertext length to determine the contents. The default value is 385 which happens to the amount that will fit the base2048 encoded ciphertext in a single tweet. If you don't want padding just add -p0.

-t, --tags <tags>...

Add human readable tags to the bet as you create it. This is useful so you a can record a short note about where you found the proposal.

--fee <fee>

Set the fee for the transaction.

You can choose from:

  • --fee=rate:4.5 set the fee to 4.5 sats-per-vbyte.
  • --fee=abs:500 set the fee to exactly 500 sats.
  • --fee=in-blocks:10 set the fee so it should get into the chain some time in the next 10 blocks.

The default is in-blocks:1 i.e. set the fee so it gets into the next block.

-y, --yes

Skip all [y/n] prompts by just answering yes to all of them.