gun bet reply

Reply with an encrypted message rather than an offer to a proposal.


gun bet reply [OPTIONS] <proposal>

Slide into someone's DMs:

echo "follow me so I can DM you" | gun bet replyഩǠɢѩչਠനՎȆଞગਐעͻڢѓӫҹڣလߛϊرКɏҵฤຂΘݸլၷ࿋னЉඇໜЈবɇοȾಋѻݙȁ࿅ผɱƂइŏDZێեЯಐۇฝဆসϑ࿖ɀჵਊၒβԼјஊڠၮɈ།


-m, --message <message>

Set the message for the reply with an argument. If this is omitted it will read the message from stdin.

-p, --pad <pad>

Pad the ciphertext to a certain length of bytes so observes can't use the ciphertext length to guess the contents. The default value is 385 which is number of bytes for that will fit in single tweet when base2048. If you don't want padding just add -p0.