The main configuration file is in ~/.gun/config.json and looks something like this:

  "network": "bitcoin",
  "blockchain": {
    "type": "esplora",
    "base_url": "",
    "concurrency": 4,
    "stop_gap": 10,
    "kind" : "mempool"
  "kind": "p2wpkh",
  "keys": "seed-words-file"

Configuration keys


Which network the wallet operates on:

  • bitcoin: The bitcoin Bitcoin.
  • testnet: the Bitcoin testnet.
  • regtest: A local regtest node.
  • signet: A signet testnet (not supported yet: issue#21).


This indicates the kind of wallet it is. Right now p2wpkh is the only option which means it uses BIP84 derivation to get p2wpkh addresses.


Configures the blockchain backend that the wallet will use. Only esplora style backends are supported (e.g. and The only interesting option for non-developers at the moment is the base_url parameter which could be changed to your own esplora backend or another one you prefer.


Indicates where keys are derived from. Right now the only option is seed-words-file.


You can override the default directory ~/.gun that gun uses to find its configuration with the GUN_DIR environment variable or by using the -d top level option:

GUN_DIR=~/my_gun_dir gun init bitcoin
# does the same thing as
gun -d ~/my_gun_dir init bitcoin