Binary Releases

Binary releases should be available at the repository for some architectures (right now only linux-amd64). I haven't figured out how I want to go about this yet so it's better to just compile it yourself for now.

⚠️ The author of gun is the COVID QR code formally known as Lloyd "LLFourn" Fournier. He resides in Prison Island Australia and according to new legislation on the island he could be forced against his will to help the prison guards get access to his online accounts including GitHub. From there they can "alter" data to "gather evidence". The takeover can be granted without Lloyd being suspected of doing anything illegal. The target of the action can be someone else unknown to him and can even be unknown or anonymous to the guards.

So please make sure you check the signatures and more importantly prefer compiling the wallet yourself until he has figured out a more robust defense against this. Actions that publicly modify the code maliciously are far more obvious.

Import author key

Releases should be signed with this public key with this fingerprint:

28EF 6BC9 14AB BA2B AB98  B796 A270 93B5 4DA1 1F65

To verify a binary's signature import @LLFourn's key.

curl -sL | gpg --import --import-options show

Download and verify

Download the binary and signature and verify like so:

curl -sL -o gun
curl -sL -o gun.asc
gpg --verify gun.asc # check it verifies against the key with fingerprint above
chmod u+x gun
./gun --help

...verifying this is not fun so hopefully we'll figure out a way to do updating gun without doing this every time.

Compile yourself

Before compiling gun you need to install rust and cargo. Then,

git clone
cd gun
cargo install --path .
# Make sure ~/.cargo/bin is in your $PATH

If you have a nightly toolchain you can install it faster and download/compile less dependencies using:

cargo -Z avoid-dev-deps install --path .

The minimum supported rust version for gun is 1.58.0.