Setting up a gun wallet is done through the gun init <network> command.

To initialize a mainnet wallet run:

gun init bitcoin 

Or you can bring your own BIP39 seed words:

gun init --from-existing ./my-seedwords.txt bitcoin

Or read them from stdin

gun init --from-existing - bitcoin

Or run on a different network

gun init testnet

Right now gun stores a unencrypted BIP39 seed phrase on your disk. This is not really fun and so I hope to add other options in the future.

gun init will create ~/.gun and populate with three things:

  1. seed.txt: The unencrypted BIP39 seed phrase used to derive all keys and other secret data. This should be backed up.
  2. config.json: A configuration file.
  3. database.sled: The database directory containing protocol data and wallet data.