gun balance

Get the balance of your wallet.

💡 Ah my brethren, these are the numbers you must make go up.


gun balance

But often you want to sync first

gun -s balance


These are the meanings of the numbers:

  • confirmed: coins that are owned by this wallet and confirmed in the chain (but not in-use).
  • unconfirmed: coins that have been sent to your wallet but haven't been confirmed (and not in-use).
  • unclaimed: coins that you own but you haven't claimed -- if you lose your database you will lose them.
  • available: coins that are available to be used. This is just the total of the above.
  • locked: coins that are locked in some protocol execution (e.g. bet) you might get access to them or you might not!
  • in-use: coins that are being reserved for use in some protocol execution (e.g. a bet).