gun split

Split some coins into several outputs. This is useful when you want to have evenly sized outputs for making bet proposals.

gun split [OPTIONS] <output-size> <n>


Create 5 outputs of 0.05 BTC each.

gun split 0.05BTC 5


--fee <fee>

Set the fee for the transaction.

You can choose from:

  • --fee=rate:4.5 set the fee to 4.5 sats-per-vbyte.
  • --fee=abs:500 set the fee to exactly 500 sats.
  • --fee=in-blocks:10 set the fee so it should get into the chain some time in the next 10 blocks.

The default is in-blocks:1 i.e. set the fee so it gets into the next block.


Print the tx as hex instead of broadcasting it. This will assume you're going to broadcast the tx yourself.


Spend coins from any bets that are currently in the claiming state. The claiming state means there is already a pending transaction spending them so this new transaction will replace-by-fee that previous transaction. You should make sure the feerate on this one is higher than the previous.


Don't spend coins you own outside of your wallet e.g. coins from bets you won. By default gun spends these coins back into your wallet with any chance it gets but this option stops that behavior.


Spend even the coins you are using for other things.

When you make a proposal or an offer the outputs used in the bet are considered to be in-use. This option allows the transaction to spend them (but doesn't force it to).

-y, --yes

Skip all [y/n] prompts by just answering yes to all of them.